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Group Exercise

All JCC classes are taught by certified, experienced instructors concerned with your safety and motivation!


SCULPT / MUSCLE PUMP: A total body muscle conditioning workout using a variety of props such as light weights, bars, tubing, stability balls, etc. Designed for all levels.

POWER CIRCUIT: Resistance training & cardio circuits for total body conditioning working multiple muscles at one time and push your heart rate.

MUSCLE MANIA: Muscle conditioning / resistance training exercises designed to sculpt and define the body.

BARRE SCULPT: Total body conditioning class at the ballet barre and the mat - designed to empower the smaller muscle groups for a muscular endurance workout – a longer, leaner body is the result!

STRONG SCULPT: Functional full body muscle conditioning with a focus on core strength.

ZUMBA: Fun and easy to follow Latin / International style Dance!

ZUMBA GOLD: Basic style, lower impact Zumba!

ZUMBA & SCULPT: Zumba dance routines with intervals of muscle conditioning.

FAMILY ZUMBATOMIC / ZUMBA FOR KIDS: Designed for kids and adults!

KICK-BOXING & MUSCLE MIX: Martial Arts, style cardio workout using boxing drills with muscle strengthening intervals.

50/50 FUSION: Cardio & Muscle conditioning for 30 minutes, Core with foam rolling and stretch 30 minutes!

SILVER SNEAKERS™: Circuit – cardiovascular endurance and muscular strength. Classic – a variety of exercises designed to increase muscular strength, range of movement and activity for daily living skills.

FUNCTIONAL FITNESS: Strengthen, stretch and balance-with a focus on stability training and functional movements using BOSU, Balls, etc.

YOGA BASICS: Hatha Yoga combines physical postures with breath awareness for complete wellness.

YOGAFIT™: A fitness style of Hatha Yoga!

PAIN FREE YOGA: A series of stretches and functionally based exercisesfor postural alignment, designed to keep the body pain free!

PILATES: An acclaimed exercise and conditioning program that focuses on the core, which connects strength, flexibility and breath.

PILATES SCULPT: Combination of Pilates method training with total body muscle conditioning.

EXPRESS CORE & STRETCH: 45 minutes of abs, back and trunk exercises, foam rolling for myofacial release and deep stretching for flexibility.

NIA: A blend of martial arts, healing arts and dance arts, using whole body, expressive and grounded movement to deliver a beautiful movement class with cardiovascular conditioning.

MOBILITY IMPAIRED CLASSES: Designed to give mobility-impaired people of all ages (including those in wheelchairs) the opportunity to engage in muscle conditioning and strength exercises in a safe environment.

SPINNING: The best indoor cycling program available with state of the art stadium design Spin Studio! 45 minutes.

Sign Up at the Fitness Desk 30 minutes prior to each class.

All JCC classes are taught by certified, experienced instructors concerned with your safety and motivation!

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