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Our private adult spa provides you with a relaxing whirlpool, sauna and steam room. We also provide personal lockers, reduced rates on massage and personal training. Enjoy our TV lounge, coffee, towel service, private showers, grooming bar, hairdryers and hanging space for bathrobes and wet suits.

Helps clear pores and promotes better circulation. Maintained at 120º.

Our large, comfortable whirlpool gives a bubbly body massage. The water is above shoulder level and remains at a comfortable 104º-106º.


Our redwood sauna dry heat helps relieve joint and muscle strains.

Available to all JCC members and is a great way to relax after a good workout, a rough day at the office, or just to pamper yourself. try one of our many types of therapeutic massages:
Swedish Massage
A traditional technique used to relieve muscle soreness, increase circulation and induce total relaxation.
Sports Massage
Ideal for the active person. Often more vigorous than Swedish Massage, a Sports Massage relieves muscle soreness and other side effects of an active lifestyle. Sports Massage can be done with or without regular massage.

A pressure point technique which focuses on the hands and feet. The stimulation of hand and foot reflex points affects all major organs, glands and body parts, relieving stress and relaxing muscles. Reflexology induces deep relaxation, improving circulation and balancing the system.

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